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Read and Understand Your Bible

Get my Bible in a Year Commentary in your email inbox as we read through the Bible in one year. I'll remind you of where you're at in the story and unpack the key beats you need to know.
  • Multi-Media

    Whether you prefer to read, watch, or listen there's a version of the Bible in a Year Commentary for you.
  • Daily Recaps

    Remembering what you've read previously is half the battle, which is why we do a recap every day to get you back into the narrative.
  • Grow in Confidence

    Feel confident that wherever you are in the Bible you know what's happening and what to look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't have time to commit to this?

    Each day's commentary should take no more than 10 minutes to work through. Most of the videos are in the 6-8 minute range.
  • What should I do if I miss a few days?

    My recommendation is to pick back up with where the plan is. Trying to catch up often leaves you feeling like you'll always be behind. Jumping back in with everyone else will keep your momentum high.
  • How can I best engage with this Commentary?

    Asking questions and wrestling with the ideas yourself makes them your own. After each session think through if you have any questions or thoughts and then put them somewhere. You might want to leave them in the comments of the YouTube video, drop them in a group chat of others doing the plan with you, or even email them to me.
  • Can I work through this commentary with other people?

    Yes, please do! The more the merrier. In fact, I encourage it. Working through the plan with others is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track. Maybe even start a group chat where each of you have to share a thought or idea once you've worked through that days session.
  • Which should I do first? Work through the commentary or read the passage?

    Feel free to try both. Some prefer working through the commentary first as it primes them to know what to look out for when reading through the passage. Others like reading through the passage with a fresh mind before working through my thoughts. If you have the time I would recommend both.

    Read through the passage yourself first, then work through my thoughts. After that, go back through and read the passage again with an eye out for the things I've mentioned. But only do this if you know you have the time and it's not going to lead to you giving up because it's too much.

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