I'm a huge Bible nerd, passionate about taking the Bible and making it accesible to more people

Bryn Joslin

About Me

cultivating his presence and curating his word

The statement above sums up my life goal. The first part 'cultivating his presence' is all about bringing God's presence to earth, in the realtionships I have and the tangible space I move in. Am I bringing peace into the situations I face? Do I leave somewhere with greater love and unity than when I found it? For me, these little things make up what it means to expand the kingdom of God. 

But it's the second bit, 'curating the word of God', that is the focus of this website. It's my experience that most believers want to understand their Bible better. The problem is it's a big book, and we don't know where to start or what we need to learn. My goal with this website is to help organise the Bible in a way that makes sense. Unpack the big picture story and the themes that run all the way through it. 

I do this through blog articles and daily devotions. Understanding the Bible is a lot like learning a language. It's something you need to immerse yourself in, to let the language, imagery, and themes wash over you.